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Twist on the old

There are hundreds of really solid promotional products in the market...the pens, lanyards and water know them well. They are products that are useful and budget friendly, but they have become a bit tired. So people are coming up with ways to make them 'new' and exciting again.

Digital printing is becoming very popular at the moment and is a great vibrant option compared to the 1 color screen print of the past. 
Here is an example of how much detail and colour you can get with digital printing, the options are endless. 
Pens are becoming multi-functional with screen cleaners at the top or a highlighter and pen combo. Some also now have storage for paper clips as well.

Lanyards are also being digitally printed all over which is so eye catching and a lot are multi functional options as well with bottle openers and pens.

Hurry!! Time remaining before special ends