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Tech Gadgets

The promotional industry has noticed a major shift toward technology related gadgets. Every one owns a smart phone or a device that is ever changing and evolving so newer, more efficient gadgets and add-on's are being created on a daily basis to  keep up with the constant demand.
Wire less earbuds are a prime example of this trend. They are smaller and more convenient to pack and carry, with no wires to get tangled and a blue tooth function makes them multi functional as they can be used to listen to music or take calls. 

They make a great promotional giveaway because they are functional and trendy so the customer will use them again and again in their daily life.
Power banks are also now available with storage so you can do away with the memory stick.
They usually have great branding area to promote your company and they are considered a high value item so it is great as a tech giveaway. Again, customers will likely use this quite often so it gives your brand recognition a longer lifespan than a pen that may be thrown away or lost after a few days.
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