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Hat Trends

Bucket hats are moving into main stream fashion with the 90's Street wear trends coming in. Lots of all over floral's, repeat prints, woven labels, zips and can also be reversible. A perfect promotional item for South Africa branded with a logo incorporated into interesting prints and patterns.

Caps are evolving with the addition of mixed materials. Fleeces, linens, PU leather and flannels to name but a few. We have been seeing this trend for a while and it's still around this season, in caps as well as clothing. Taking the cap and turning it into a "one up" simply by mixing fabrics and

  2017 sees the introduction of new shapes and styles in men's wear, again with the   strong 90's influence coming in, we see old shapes returning. The 5 panel was   seeping into the season slowly in 2016 and is here in 2017. 



The old classic Dad cap 5 panel is here again. 
Once again we will see this worn on the streets by the young and  fashion conscience, pushing out the snap back flat bill and trucker.

Brands are waking up to the fact that consumers are more informed and this is a perfect opportunity to take a basic hat silhouette & turn it into a fashion item that the consumer actually desires.



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