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Eco friendly products

The trend of using Eco friendly products is nothing new. With all the clutter in our lives we need to focus on recycling and reusing products to save our planet. 
Fortunately the promotional companies are offering a wide range of great products. What a great way to promote your brand and show that your company cares about the environment!
Below are some wonderful gifts in a very chic natural colour with great practicality so your client will be using your product over and over.
Classic pen option
Recycled stationery set packaged in recycled tube
This great eco notebook has a funky 'pop out' pen
Jute bag with a large area for full colour printing to really make you logo stand out
This compact kinetic torch requires no batteries! Great for the environment and you never have the problem of flat batteries in a torch when you need it most.
These gifts also happen to be items that are available now, so call or email us if you would like more info on them! 031 569 6540 or
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