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Branding techniques on clothing and head wear

There are so many ways to brand a garment. But to make your promotion really stand out from the rest you need something unique! Below are a few ideas to choose from some old techniques and some new… 
Foil printing and paste (the more budget friendly option) in gold or silver is a great way to catch some ones eye with its brilliant shine.

Tone on tone printing is a more subtle way to get your brand out there. Its less punchy but creates more interest because an onlooker would  focus more attention to what the print says/is on a garment.

Debossing is a fairly new branding technique and is a great idea for caps. You could use it on its own for subtle branding or include a bright print or embroidery to make it pop.

Puff Printing is a well-known branding option but isn’t used very often. Here the bottle part of the print is puffed and gives it a nice 3D effect, the flare is a tone on tone print.

An engineered design is long lasting way of promoting your brand because will never fade or peel off the garment. It will remain vibrant and effective for a long time.
The draw backs on this type of branding is that the lead times are quite a lot longer as these beanies, scarves, etc will have to be custom made from scratch.

Laser engraving on clothing is another subtle branding technique. This branding can be done over seams and zippers so you can get some really unique effects.

There is an endless amount of different ways to brand you clothing and headwear so don’t just stick to the standard embroidery and screen print, contact us for an innovative new way to promote your brand!
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